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Matching Excess And Need

Free notifications for your emergency feeding service about free food near you.

How MEANS Works

List A Donation

Get Notified About Food Near You

Claim and Pick Up Food

Donors: Simply post what food you want to donate to instantly connect with food distributors in your area.

Food Banks and Pantries: Get real-time notifications on food donations and claim what works for you. If you can't pick something up or don't want it just ignore the alert.


▷ Email notifications look sharp on your phone, so you can decide whether to pick up some extra protein or continue sorting donations without missing a beat.

▷ Clicking "Claim!" in the email marks it as yours - no one else can also claim the same item. You don't need to race against another food pantry to a donor. You barely need to even visit our site.

▷ Once you claim an item, you get the contact information for the donor so you can call and arrange pickup and transportation.

▷ MEANS is a nonprofit- we are not out to make money by helping food banks. As a result email notifications will always be free.

Donation Made Easy

Accurate. Streamlined.

Donating food shouldn't be difficult.
We've found that more than 70% of phone numbers found on the Internet for emergency food providers are incorrect. Putting an item up for donation on MEANS guarantees that people will see it. Our notification algorithm makes sure that the people most likely to pickup your donation fastest are notified first.
When it's easy to donate, everyone wins.

Hassle-Free Deductions.

We collect all of the information necessary to properly claim food donations as tax deductions on your federal taxes.
One of our core members is a law student working with CPAs and tax attorneys to guarantee that the information is useful to donors when April arrives.

The IRS form 1120 just got a lot easier.

Food Banks & Pantries

Notifications that Work for You.

Get notified when food is available near you, but only when the food is something you want.
When you create an account, you specify how far you are willing to go to get food, and which categories of food you want to be notified about.

The worst that will happen is you never hear from us. We only email if something is available near you.

Experience to Support Your Efforts.

Our CEO has over ten years of experience with emergency feeding systems and working on hunger policy. We built MEANS to make the lives of food bank and food pantry operators easier.

MEANS also maintains the most up-to-date directory of all known food banks and food pantries in the U.S. Being in our directory helps donors find you.