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What MEANS Does

MEANS was started with the belief it should be easy for those with excess food to share it with those in need. It didn't take long to find people who agreed - everyone from Starbucks to The Washington Post. We're now in 48 states and counting, helping divert food from the trash to local emergency feeding services with the ease and speed of the internet.

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Our Tech

⇒ We run on Ruby/Rails, Heroku, and are migrating to using React.js for most of the frontend. We (mostly) follow a test-driven development philosophy, and deploy every 2 days or so.

⇒ Sendgrid powers our emails, and Twilio handles our sms needs. Thanks to AppSignal for providing us with amazing complimentary app monitoring.

⇒ Our notification/matching algorithm takes into account things like distance and history, using a dash of machine learning/linear algebra. If you find a bug, want to build a feature, or just talk shop contact Us.

Food Recovery API

We firmly believe that one of the biggest perils of food recovery networks like MEANS is the potential for them to not communicate with each other, meaning food donated on one platform may still go to waste while there were takers on another platform. As a consequence, we are fully supportive of connecting our data to your local food recovery app or network. If you're building an app to help feed people, we want to help you focus on innovating rather than rebuilding the core infrastructure. As long as food on our system ends up in the stomachs of hungry people via your charity, we couldn't be happier. Contact us to get access.

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